theMOVE and the Urban Farming Institute

flatbread-pizzaOver the past 7 years, theMOVE hustled day and night to help reshape the way Boston eats. We engaged over 3000 local volunteers — mostly urban youth of color — on powerful farm workdays, to connect our communities with the labor and land that sustain us. We helped build the demand for local produce to help strengthen local farms. And we helped put food justice on the agendas of community organizations, local and national businesses, regional farms, government agencies, the state legislature, the governor, and residents across Boston. While we’re far from giving up, we’ve found a new home for this work within the Urban Farming Institute of Boston; as of the end of this year theMOVE will officially disband. So, on what will undoubtedly be a bittersweet night, at a place that helped us launch and sustain it all, we invite you — the beautiful community that built this work alongside us — to come together to celebrate with us one last time.

About Urban Farming Institute

The Urban Farming Institute of Boston (UFIB) is a social innovation organization founded in 2012 to support the development of urban farming (the growing of agricultural products for income) in Boston and in other urban areas of Massachusetts. Building a healthier, more locally based food system is at the heart of UFI’s mission. As the momentum around greening cities, increasing health outcomes, and developing more sustainable solutions for urban economic development, urban farming is quickly emerging into a viable industry solution. This emerging industry can help to promote and support innovative approaches that address economic disparity, particularly in lower income neighborhoods.

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