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UFI offers training and educational programs to the members of the Boston community. Our urban farming training programs span up to 29 weeks. These offer local residents the opportunity to engage in direct, hands-on learning on small ¼ acre plots currently occupied by UFI.

UFI sees its Farmer Training Program as a springboard for individuals who traditional job models do not work, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. While this will not solve the job crisis in the city, trainees will leave this training able to incorporate tenets of sustainable food and agriculture into their pathway to individual success through green jobs and agricultural enterprise.


Coupled with education and public awareness, this approach not only brings people closer to food production, it also heightens the awareness around public policy that has impacts in the community.

UFI continues to look forward to the future in the development of innovative and sustainable strategies that address the critical needs of our communities. All people, particularly those underrepresented, must be not merely active participants in the green economy, but leaders, creators, of that economy.

Urban Farmer Training Program - Classroom Session I

During this 8-week course, which meets for 8 consecutive Thursdays, individuals explore various aspects of urban farming such as food systems, soil quality, environmental challenges and opportunities, crop planning, organic agriculture, and farm-business planning.  The classroom is aimed to assist them as future farmers, developing necessary competencies to effectively manage a successful urban farm and positively impact a healthier more sustainable food system and environment.

Course Fee: $100. Registration for 2018 opens January 1.


Urban Farming Summer Training Program – Session II

A select number of candidates interested in pursuing farming/urban agriculture as an enterprise will be selected to apprentice field training throughout the growing season. In order to be considered, selected candidates must have completed the 8-week Classroom Session and 3 volunteer farm site days during the course of the class. It is an opportunity to get your hands in the ground and for you and the farm trainer to see if building an urban farming enterprise is right for you. This is a 20 week hands on apprenticeship beginning in June 2017.  This training requires completing the 9-week classroom course. Of the students who attended this course, up to 10 will be selected.

If interested in the 2018 program, please fill out the form:


2018 Training Programs

  • In order to be selected for the 20 Week Summer Program, participants are required to take the 9 week course.
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