Our Mission


testThe Urban Farming Institute of Boston’s mission is  to develop and promote urban farming as a Commercial sector that creates green collar jobs for residents; and to engage urban communities in building a healthier and more locally based food system.

By enabling urban farming through farm creation, farmer training, public education and policy change, UFI brings people in urban neighborhoods closer to food production.

Celebrating Another Year of Training Future Farmers, Food Educators, and Sustainable Universe Makers!

The Urban Farming Institute, and our training partner, the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, will be honoring our 2016 Farming Training Program Apprentices. Each of these extraordinary individuals have learned, shared their knowledge with us.

Some of the apprentices were selected from over 30 students who attended UFI’s Farm Training Class to become apprentices from June-October.  Applications for our upcoming 2017 Class will be fast approaching. The class is aimed to develop knowledge and the necessary competency to manage a successful urban farm and positively impact a healthier more sustainable food system and environment. Hurray for farmers of the present!

The Urban Farming Institute Team: THE RIDE FOR FOOD


Thank you to this dedicated team of riders who took part in The Ride for Food to support the Urban Farming Institute of Boston. The team, along with many others to support great efforts, journeyed through Metro Boston to raise funds for food security and hunger relief.

We have only $1,000 left to raise to meet our goal, and only one week left to raise it! Can you help us by pitching in to get us over the finish line? We appreciate your contribution, however large or small. Donate Here!