Our Mission

The Urban Farming Institute of Boston’s mission is  to develop and promote urban farming as a Commercial sector that creates green collar jobs for residents; and to engage urban communities in building a healthier and more locally based food system.

By enabling urban farming through farm creation, farmer training, public education and policy change, UFI brings people in urban neighborhoods closer to food production.

On TheMove

Ladawn Strickland, from theMove, heading up the volunteer and education programming at UFI, keeps it moving, organizing trips and connecting young people and the community to the land, their food, and creating a more just food system. 

Celebrating Another Year of Training Future Farmers, Food Educators, and Sustainable Universe Makers!

The Urban Farming Institute, and our training partner, the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, celebrated our 2016 Farming Training Program Graduating Class at the Food Project’s Dudley Community Greenhouse.

Over 30 students dedicated one day a week for eight weeks individuals exploring various aspects of urban farming. Many of the topics include, soil quality, environmental challenges and opportunities, crop planning, organic agriculture, farm-business planning, as well as food systems.  The classroom is aimed to assist them as future farmers in developing the necessary competency to effectively manage a successful urban farm and positively impact a healthier more sustainable food system and environment.

Growing Food With Out a Garden Workshop @ The Dudley Community Greenhouse.

Quite a great turnout for the as folks came out in April from different parts of the city, representing young and old, experienced and newbies, to learn and to share how to grow wherever you are, your window seal, on cement with small raised beds, and as UFI Board Member, Mel King often says, grow anywhere, even on your small balcony.